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Cheap digital products online store, computer maintenance and computer products. -With a service you haven´t seen before!!!

  • A little About us:
Problems with your computer? Is the computer running slow? Problems assembling a new PC?
- No Problem, we´ll help you!!!

We are a cheap online store focused on the digital world, driven by a passion for digital devices.

Our shop is located in Parainen and is open on weekdays 10-17 and on Saturdays 10-14. We serve both businesses and households from our office, remotely, home / business, whatever works best for you.

We have just a small central stock so our prices are always low and our delivery time is as fast as 2-5 business days. Orders can be made successfully via email, Facebook or phone!


Some of our services:
  • PC-Service
First, we test the machine's performance. After that, we will remove everything extra from the machine, e.g. old data from the registry, we will defragment the disk and test the performance again. In the shop, we'll advise you on how to keep your machine in good working order and possible performance improvements.
  • Home Visits
We also do home visits and help with your problems. At the same time, we will show you how to deal with similar problems in the future.
  • Our service includes computer maintenance and installations as well as installations of TV´s / setting up digital boxes / home theaters etc etc.

    Hard Disk Cloning & Recovery Equipments
    Soldering & Modding Workshop
    Diagnostics & Repair
    Special Designs in

    Software & Hardware


    Alexander Johansson
    Alexander Johansson
    Technical Support Specialist
    Kalle Jonsson
    Kalle Jonsson
    Shop Manager / Orders
    Kim Lehtinen
    Kim Lehtinen
    Network Engineer
    Edwin Mickelsson
    Edwin Mickelsson
    Installation & Repair Manager
    Kasper Kronberg
    Kasper Kronberg
    Agneta Färm
    Agneta Färm
    Deputy managing director


    Just fill a form by yourself or with assistance from our office. Call +358405829704 and we will assist you in getting an appointment set up that fits your schedule.
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